English Fest Chiriquí 2017

English Fest Chiriquí 2017

On October 25th in Chiriqui Province, there was an outstanding event taking place with the participation  of the Kids Program, ten hours (Los abanicos, Republica de Francia, Jose Maria Roy, Rio Sereno and Pedregal); and five hours( Chiriqui, Boca Balsa, Bugabita, Gomez, Gualaca, Palo Alto, Paso Ancho, San Bartolo, San Mateo and Remedios). Also we have the participation of Students from the After School Program from (Alanje, Aserrio, Comercial Tole, Daniel Octavio Crespo, Divala, Elisia Chiari, Francisco Morazan, Instituto David, Paso Canoas Internacional, IPTC, Las Lajas, Quebrada de Piedra, San Felix, Progreso, San Lorenzo, Santo Domingo, Volcan and Escuela Secundaria de Puerto Armuelles, also from the different Training Centers (UDI and OTEIMA). 

There was a great participation from the Teacher Training Program as well from Barriada Victoriano Lorenzo, Jose Maria Roy and Los Abanicos. 

We have to say that it was an amazing time we share with all of them and we congratulate the Panama Bilingue Team for that great event.

Thank you all of you, You Rock!!! 

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